Management of your contaminated sites and soils


12 years of expertise in the management and evaluation of contaminated soils

The management and evaluation of contaminated soils on construction sites is very often a complex and demanding task. Characterising the degrees and types of pollution, defining and optimising the solution and choosing the closest and most suitable disposal point, are all calculated by our unique algoritham . Hesus was created on the simple observation that many customers need assistance and advise concerning the transport and treatment of contaminated soils.

Des solutions en carrière compatibles avec des ISDI+


Compatible disposal solutions for your contaminated soils
Filières de stockage de ISDND


Take advantage of numerous contaminated waste disposal facilities
Filières adaptées aux ISDD

Processing centers

Various options for extremely contaminated soils

An integrated analysis office to analyse your diagnostics and find the right cables for you

Tas de terre polluée avec icone mentionnant les diffents types de métaux lourds existants

We have our own design office, made up of environmental engineers who study your contamination diagnostics and disposal requirements in detail in order to offer you an optimal cost estimate for the waste classification of your site. In connection with more than 500 certified treatment centers throughout England, geographical proximity and treatment will be optimised.

Take advantage of analyses to optimise your evacuations

Prélèvement d'échantillon de terre, étape préalable de l'étude de sol et de l'analyse des terres

Do you need analyses for your site? Or additional analysis?

We can provide you with a technician who will come to your site to take samples for analysis in order to optimise your disposal plan and avoid unpleasant surprises during the excavation!

Digitise the transport and treatment of your contaminated soils

Interface de la plateforme digitale Hesus Store, pour une gestion des études de sol optimale

Fill in your needs and requests directly on our digital Hesus Store platform. Registration is free of charge.

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