Hesus Store : A digital platform for the management of your construction site Waste


With Hesus Store management of logistics and treatment for your construction site waste, becomes quick and easy

Hesus is your first step to digital management of construction site waste. The Hesus Store developed in 2015, is a digital platform to innovate the management of excavated and backfilled materials for the construction industry.

Our goal is to automate the management of your construction site waste streams and to offer you a service where you will be totally in control.

This digital know-how enables transparency of the management of land, materials and waste from your building sites for even greater simplicity and speed.

Hesus Store, discover its main features !

  • Free registration
  • Creation of your construction sites
  • Fast registration and processing of transport requests
  • Simple management of your quotes

  • Quick registration of requests dedicated solely to transport
  • Truck orders
  • Monitoring the evolution of requests
  • Simple document management

With Hesus Store, access a whole range of services for digital management of construction site wastes

Centralise et stocke tous vos besoins sur un même outil

One platform, several possibilities

Centralises and stores all your needs on a single tool: Orders, traceability of documents, administrative tasks, etc.
Icone d'un écran et d'une ampoule illustrant un service digitalisé pour une évacuation terres et déchets optimale

Digital innovation at your disposal

Quick and easy access to all solutions and products supported by Hesus
Accès à distance 24/24 et 7J7

24/7 remote access

Planning the transport, disposal/ collection and logistics of your construction site waste according to your activities
Suivi en temps réel chantier

Better traceability and control

Remote monitoring of all your site excavation and backfill flows from the digital platform

Control your worksite from your smartphone !

La gestion des déchets sur smartphone

Hesus Store is a dedicated digital platform


Create your free Hesus Store account and take advantage of all our solutions for transport, treatment and logistics of construction site waste directly from your personal space.

In just a few clicks, plan your management of inert waste, non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste by creating your file and following all its progress in real time.

Pilotez votre chantier depuis votre smartphone

Algorithms at your service


Our algorithms optimise and streamline your disposals and supplies.


The bespoke program enables us to select the best solutions for facilities and transport close to your worksites, providing the most cost effective rates for your project.


The advantages of digitised construction site waste management

Hesus Store automatise nos échanges

Automation of exchanges

Gain in control, while still retaining the same support and advice from the Hesus teams
Hesus Store sécurise vos données

Securing your data

Implementation and regular verification of the GDPR by our teams
Hesus Store intègre nos algorithmes

Integration of our algorithms

Optimisation of worksite flows: cost reduction and improvement of the carbon footprint
Hesus Store est centrée sur l’économie circulaire

Focused on the circular economy

It connects complementary needs: Land excavated from one site can become a resource for another
Hesus Store améliore l'expérience et le parcours client

Better customer experience and customer journey

Gain in efficiency and productivity Better management of your time Speed of exchanges
Hesus Store améliore la précision de nos algorithmes

Improved accuracy of our algorithms

Data collection for a better response to the expectations of construction actors and to the environmental impact