Management of your inert soils


1 million tonnes of inert soil managed each year

With our extensive involvement in the management of inert soils over the past 7 years. We have gained critical knowledge and a strong network for soil disposal and treatment. Hesus UK Ltd have various solutions and methods for dealing with inert waste, in particular for the reuse of inert material on other engineering projects, spread throughout the UK.

All of our business model is mobilised in order to support you on a daily basis in the management of your excavated material.

Icone camion avec un cercle fléché illustrant l'évitement des emissions de CO2 des flux de terres inertes

Backfill on other sites

Our preferred solution allows your building site to reduce its carbon footprint!
Partenariats avec des carriers

Career redevelopment

Numerous partnerships with potential donor recipients to backfill their installations.
Filières adaptés au stockage d'ISDI


Numerous adapted storage outlets waiting to be reused

Optimising your logistics flows

Optimisation des flux de votre chantier

Thanks to our network of logistics outlets and our powerful algorithms, we will optimise the import/export of your sites material requirements. Whether it be backfill, nearby recipient sites or river transport, our dedicated customer service managers, will do everything possible to ensure the constant flow and monitoring of your inert soil disposal requirements, while keeping your costs under control.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your worksite

Chantier avec icone de CO2 illustrant l'évitement des émissions de GES lors de l'évacuation terres et déchets

The use of backfill solutions on other sites can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 66%, and our logistics optimisation schemes by up to 10%. Entrusting Hesus with the management of the disposal of inert soils means that CO2 emissions are avoided.

Need backfill? We can help you

Evacuation sur un chantier et remblaiement de terre de remblai sur un terrain

Does your building site require the addition of inert soil? Hesus also supports you, by ensuring and guaranteeing the conformity of the soil and by mobilising its various worksites nearby to bring the required product as quickly as possible.


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