Hesus acquires Fleaty and continues its international deployment

Press Release
Ivry 14th March 2019

Hesus, ‘Greentech’ gem of the construction industry, announced today it has received €10M in fundraising from the Paris Green Fund, Suez Ventures and Construction Venture. This is the first investment of the Paris Green Fund, which is managed by Demeter and supported by the City of Paris. Suez Ventures is backed by the Suez Group corporate funds, whilst Construction Venture is part of Bouygues Construction’s corporate fund. The fundraising is aimed at allowing Hesus to further accelerate its development. It will target new clients in Europe, especially through the creation of a Polish branch in the first 2019 semester, following the UK branch opening in early 2018.


Today, Hesus has become a ‘greentech’ reference and offers the construction industry players the best solutions to optimise the management of their soils, waste and materials. To do so, Hesus organises the logistics, economics and administration of the whole supply chain.

In 2018, Hesus turned over more than €25M, reaching a growth rate of 40% compared to 2017. Over the last year, Hesus managed 1.5 million tons of material, from more than 350 construction sites. The company operates everywhere in France and since February 2018 in London as well.

Helping the European construction sector to better manage excavated materials.

Hesus announced today it has received €10M in fundraising, from the Paris Green Fund, Suez Ventures and Construction Venture. This operation – after which the Cazeneuve family will still be in control – will allow Hesus to accelerate further its international development, especially in Europe, with the opening of a second branch in Poland in the first semester of 2019, following the opening of the UK one in early 2018. Its unique circular economy know-how will allow the SME to accompany European construction companies in better management of their excavated materials.

Hesus evolves at the intersection of two major transitions for economic stakeholders and for Society as a whole: the digital transition and the ecological transition.

Hesus are experts in materials, waste and soil recovery, disposal and remediation. The company originates in France, with more than 900 receiving facilities and 60 hauliers allowing them to offer complete, reliable and competitive solutions to each of their clients, whilst ensuring duty of care and legal conformity.

Hesus relies on its digital platform to centralise the enquiries of numerous sites and provide them with removal and supply services. The circular economy focused platform allows to users to connect complementary needs: excavated soil from one site could become a backfill to another.

“This fundraising will allow us to reinforce our position as a major player within the construction waste management industry and accelerate our European development. Our aim is to bring concrete and efficient answers to the European market and to have a real impact on the energy transition and protection of natural resources. We are proud to be accompanied in this process by major stakeholders: Demeter for the Paris Green Fund, Suez and Bouygues. They are joining us with strong ambition and a spirit of independence.” Emmanuel Cazeneuve, Hesus Founder and CEO.

« We are pleased to accompany Hesus and their dynamic management team as part of their development. We are convinced by the relevance of their value proposition, within an evolving construction industry which remains the 1st resources consumer and 1st waste producer in Europe.” Jean-Charles Scatena, Head of Investment, Demeter.

« We are delighted to continue our partnership with Hesus and to support the company in its strong development which is based on innovative digital solutions. We believe they will continue to strongly respond to the challenges that the circular economy brings “said Loïc Voisin, Innovation, Marketing and Performance Director at Suez.


  •  Demeter : Jean-Charles Scatena, Candice Le Gall
  • SUEZ Ventures : Jean-Luc Ventura, David Hansen
  • Construction Venture : Renaud Trnka


  • Company legal advisors: Delsol Avocats (Henri-Louis Delsol, Vincent Guevenoux, Alexandre Beaufort)
  • Investors legal advisors: Latournerie Wolfrom (Christian Wolfrom, Justine Conrard, Anne-Cécile Deville)
  • Legal audit: Latournerie Wolfrom (Christian Wolfrom, Justine Conrard, Anne-Cécile Deville)
  • Financial audit: Deloitte (Philippe Serzec, Jean-Marc Dufau, Vincent Aboutboul)